Books on Sangam Literature

List of  Sangam Period Books in English

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1. The Chronology Of The Early Tamils – Based On The Synchronistic Tables Of Their Kings, Chieftains And Poets Appearing In The Sangam Literature – Sivaraja Pillai

2. The Poems of Ancient Tamil – Their Milieu and Their Sanskrit Counterparts – George L. Hart

3. The Four Hundred Songs of War and Wisdom – George L. Hart and Hank Heifetz

4. Poets of the Tamil Anthologies – Ancient Poems of Love and War – George L. Hart

5. The Interior Landscape, Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology – A.K. Ramanujam

6. The Smile of Murugan: On Tamil Literature of South India – Kamil Zvelebil

7. Landscape and Poetry – A study of nature in Classical Tamil Poetry – Xavier Thani Nayagam

8. Tamil Heroic Poetry – K. Kailasapathy

9. Tholkappiyam  –  English Translation by S. Ilakkuvanar

10. Tamil Brahmi Inscriptions of the Sangam Age – Iravatham Mahadevan

11. The Eight Anthologies: A study in Early Tamil Literature – John Ralston Marr

12. Tamil Heroic Poems – G. U. Pope

13. Poems of Love and War: From the Eight Anthologies and Ten Long Poems of Classical Tamil – A. K. Ramanujan

14. Kuruntokai – Shanmugam Pillai and David E. Ludden

15. Reference Grammar of Classical Tamil Poetry: 150 B.C. – Pre 5th/6th Century A.D. – V. S. Rajam

16. Tolkappiyam: The Earliest Extant Tamil Grammar – Porulathikaram – Tamil Poetics – P.S. Subrahmanya Sastri

17. Tamil Love Poetry and Poetics – Takanobu Takahashi

18. A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary – Burrow T. and Emeneau M.B.

19. Tamil Literature: Sangam literature, Tamil Sangams, Kumari Kandam, Tolkappiyam, Sangam landscape, Chola literature, Tamil historical novels, Tamil language, Tamil history from Sangam literature – Frederic P. Miller

20. Tamil Poetry Through the Ages – Ettuthokai – The Eight Anthologies, Volume I – Dr. Shu Hikosaka and Dr. G. John Samuel

21. History of Tamil Language and Literature – S. Vaiyapuri Pillai

22. A Critical Study of Kuruntokai – T. Leelavathy

23. Marutam – An Aspect of Love in Tamil Literature – V.T. Manickam

24. A Critical Study of Paripadal – R. Sarangapani

25. Narrinai in its Historical Setting – K.K. Pillai

26. Palaittinai in Sangam Literature – R. K. Nagu

27. The Tamil Flood Myths and the Cangam Legends – David Shulman

28. Fine Arts and Crafts in Pattuppattu and Ettuttokai – S. Vaithilingam

29. A Tamil Reader – Introducing Sangam Literature – J. Vacek and S.V. Subramanian

30. Kalithokai in English – Institute of Asian Studies

31. Tamil Love Poetry – The Five Hundred Short Poems of Ainkurunuru – Martha Ann Selby

32. Tamil Geographies: Cultural Constructions of Space and Place in South India – Martha Ann Selby and Indra Viswanathan Peterson

33. Grow Long Blessed Night – Love poems from classical India – Martha Ann Selby

34. Tholkappiyam – English Translation by E. S. Varadaraja Iyer

35.  The study of Stolen Love – A Translation of Kalaviyal Enra Iraiyanar Akapporul with Commentary by Nakkirar – David C. Buck and K. Paramisavam.

36. Literary Techniques in Old Tamil Cankam Poetry: The Kuruntokai – Eva Wilden

37. Tamil Verse in Translation – P.N. Appuswami

38. The treatment of Nature in Sangam Literature (Ancient Tamil Literature) – M. Varadarajan

39. Chieftains of the Sangam Age – K. D. Thirunavukarasu

40. A Word Index for Cangam Literature – Thomas Lehmann and Thomas Malten

41. The Squirrel in the Courtyard – Sangam Tamil Lyrics Translation – A.V. Subramaniam

42.  Ancient to Medieval South Indian Society in Transition – Noboru Karashima

43. Introduction to the historical grammar of the Tamil language – Kamil Zvelebil, J. Vacek

44. Dravidian languages – Mikhail Sergeevich Andronov

45. Lexicon of Tamil Literature – Kamil Zvelebil

46. Introduction to the Historical Grammar of the Tamil Tongue – Kamil Zvelebil

47. Literary Conventions in Akam Poetry – Kamil Zvelebil

48. Imagining a place for Buddhism: Literary culture and Religious community in Tamil speaking South India – Anne E. Monius – (This is a scholarly work, dealing specifically with Manimekalai and Viracoliyam, & the Buddhist community at that time)

49. Tamil Grammar – Mikhail Sergeevich Andronov

50. Gift of Tamil – Translations of Tamil Literature –  Norman Cutler

51. The Tamil Auxillary Verb System – Sanford B. Steever

52. Tholkappiyam – English Translation by P. S. Subrahmanya Sastry

53. The Tamil Concept of Love in Ahattinai. By V. Sp. Manickam, 1962. The South Indian Saiva Siddhanta Works Publishing Society, Tinnevelly. 339 pages

54. Akananuru: The Akam four  hundred. By A. Dhakshinamurthy, 1999. Bharathidasan University. Three volumes.

55. Pattupattu: Ten Tamil Idylls. By J.V. Chelliah, 1985. Tamil University Thanjavur. 370 pages

56. Tradition and Talent in Cankam Poetry. By RM. Periakaruppan, 2010. Bharathidasan University. 330 pages

57. Ahananuru in its Historical Setting. By C.E. Ramachandran, 1974. University of Madras. 148 pages

58. Some Philosophical Concepts in Purananuru. By P.K. Sundaram, 1979. University of Madras. 140  pages

59. Kurunthogai. By R. Balakrishna Mudaliyar. 2009. Bharathidasan University. 406 pages

60. Narrinai: An Anthology of Armour. 1989. By A.V. Subramanian. Dept. of Tamil Development and Culture, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. 448 pages

61.The Narrinai Four Hundred. By A. Dakshinamurthy. 2001. International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai. 838 pages

62. Six long poems from Sangam Tamil. By N. Raghunathan, 1997. International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai. 118 pages

63. Four Long Poems from Sangam Tamil. 2000. Editor: Ramar Ilango. 2000. International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai. 96 pages

64. Kuruntokai: a Critical Edition and an Annotated Translation of the Kuruntokai – Eva Wilden

65. Kurunthokai: Translated by Robert Butler, 2010

66. Pattuppāttu in English, Dr. A. Dakshinamurthy, SRM University, 2012

67. Love in Sanskrit and Tamil Literature, Devapoopathy Nadarajah, Motilal Bansaridass Publishers, 1994

68. Paripadal, K.G. Seshadri, Institue of Asian Studies, Chennai, 1996

69. Kurinjippattu, Muttollayiram, P.N. Appuswami, International Institute of Tamil Studies, 1997

70. Kalittokai in English, Dr. V. Murugan, Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai, 1999

71. The River Speaks – Vaiyai Poems from Paripadal, V. N. Muthukumar and Elizabeth Rani Segran, Penguin Classics, 2012

72. Love Stands Alone – Selections from Sangam Poetry, M.L. Thangappa, Penguin Books, 2010

73. Naṟṟinai – Text and Translation, N. Kandasamy, Institut Francais De Pondichery, 2008

74. Tolkāppiyam in English, Dr. V. Murugan, Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai, 2001

75. The Ten Decads, A. V. Subramanian, Tamil Nadu Text Book Society, 1980

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