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This site will have information on the very many facets of Sangam literature.

If you want to learn Sangam poems  with translations and word by word meanings in English, please go to my other blogsite – https://sangamtranslationsbyvaidehi.com.

Sangam books are so very interesting to read since they describe the plants, trees, animals, birds, land, mountains, waterfalls, streams, ponds, oceans, different eco systems and the people who live there, their way of life, the structure of their houses, their trades, export and import, battles between different Tamil kingdoms, and above all, the king who rules the country.

I have expanded my translations and word by word meanings to my other sites which have birds, mammals and other animals, trees, plants and flowers (the sites are being updated now)- Here’s the list: For poems with birds, please go to https://birdsinsangamtamil.wordpress.com, for animals, go to https://animalsinsangamtamil.wordpress.com, for plants go to https://plantsinsangamtamil.wordpress.com, for trees go to https://treesinsangamtamil.wordpress.com and for flowers, go to https://flowersinsangamtamil.wordpress.com

This website  also lists resources to learn Sangam literature  both in English.

Please share the blog site with friends and family.

“முருகு பொருநாறு பாணிரண்டு முல்லை
பெருகு வளமதுரைக் காஞ்சி – மருவினிய
கோலநெடு நல் வாடை கோல் குறிஞ்சி பட்டினப்
பாலை கடாத்தொடும் பத்து”.

“நற்றிணை நல்ல குறுந்தொகை , ஐங்குறுநூறு, ஒத்த பதிற்றுப்பத்து ஓங்கு பரிபாடல், கற்றறிந்தார் ஏத்தும் கலியோடு, அகம், புறம் என்று இத்திறத்த எட்டுத் தொகை”.

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Vaidehi Herbert

November 2010


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